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A Conversation With Rikyu

~ A conversation with ⁣千利休 · Sen No Rikyū · ~ Listen to the boiling cauldron ⁣ What can you hear?⁣ The sound of the waves⁣ The sound of life⁣ The sound of the elements ⁣ 〰️ I can no longer hear the tall order of life.⁣ 〰️ When you and I decided long ago ⁣ That beauty is in the eye of the beholder⁣ We are no longer beholden by anyone's judgement.⁣ We are no longer held hostage by another one's thoughts of our own life choices.⁣ How sweet the sounds of the bees on the glades.⁣ Can you hear them sing?⁣ Now, we must have another bowl of Tea.⁣ 〰️ It tastes like honey. ⁣ It smells like white, saccharine lilies.⁣ 〰️ Now listen to Her story.⁣ Trace Her origins through Her veins.⁣ 🍃 I have seen war and opulence.⁣ I have seen love and abscondence. ⁣ I have charted the seven seas and made foreign lands my home.⁣ I never fell out of love with service ⁣ Even when they started to say that I am impure.⁣ I never stopped believing in mankind's true Buddha-nature ⁣ The one that is at one with the moon, trees, the seas and stars.⁣ I never stopped waiting for your return⁣ Right here in this bowl⁣ This space that is in the middle of your body ⁣ This space you call your heart. 🍃⁣

. I look now at the master's wizened face⁣ I admire his wise old smile ⁣ I take this transmission and wait⁣ I wait in the knowing that as long as I sit still in the unknown ⁣ I can alchemise it into gold.⁣ This is Tea 🍃 The Elixir of Immortality. ⁣ ~ Written over a boiled Tea session with spirits and angels, gods and goddesses. ⁣

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