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2021's First Lesson

I definitely felt a huge lift off into a higher energetic pattern.⁣

And of course, as the Ego is wont to do, I found myself wanting to "do and be my best" and "make it happen". ⁣

Basically, all that the highly socially conditional new year's resolution phase calls forth.⁣

Thank goodness for an amazing circle of precious beings who joined me last night for a 2-hour Zen Retreat. ⁣

My dream of this retreat was to bring a little taster of the more elaborate virtual Zen Temple Retreat, SHUNYATA.⁣

I am thankful for the grace of my guides. I am so glad I LISTENED.⁣

Yes. The Universe is always inviting us to tune into the abundance that already exists. ⁣

We need to simply purify and cleanse our hearts and minds to allow light in. Empty out to fill up.⁣

Every ceremony is an invitation to do so.⁣

Last night, instead of manically buying 2021's accelerated energies we invited in stillness.

My nervous system was entangled with the heaving energies of the planet before I entered this temple of silence. I was fidgety and bent on making sure everything was "perfect" for what my Ego would call "the first event of the year".⁣

When I began the retreat I flicked each bead on my mala necklace with a frenzy that mirrored the level of anxiety that was going on in my head.⁣

And then I remembered with the help of Tea Spirit: serve from the heart. ⁣

I remembered to send loving energy through the ripples in the transmissions.⁣

Being in a human body living a human experience, the spirit that is in touch with the Dao manifested herself in the simplicity of this Zen temple that resides within all of us.⁣

I also saw the shadows and light alike. ⁣

I saw my role in going where rarely anyone would dare go for the precious beings I guide with loving compassionate capacity.⁣

I saw the gift of accountability and power of community in providing a container for the Dao to flow through us.⁣

I saw the all embracing Tea Spirit, who always and forever carry us through the darkness, an unwavering presence riding the turbulent waves with us with unconditional love.⁣

I am here for you to hold you when you are ready to uplevel and let Spirit do the rest. 🌟⁣

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