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Sun, 07 Jul


Zoom (replays available)

The Portal

Self-mastery and higher dimensional consciousness, through your own sacred eyes.

The Portal
The Portal

Time & Location

07 Jul 2024, 16:00 BST – 08 Aug 2024, 17:30 BST

Zoom (replays available)

About the Event

This is for you if you are READY to unveil the pathways to live embodied in your authentic power, in the greatness of a space where there are the chosen ones who chose themselves and leaned into their sacred yes.

This is a space where you can calibrate to the authentic powers of each woman, as women who walk side by side, leaders in their own way.

We begin on 7th of July, harnessing the energy of the Lion's Gate as we culminate to the apex of the energetic stargate on the 8th of August.

In this sacred space where I will open with Tea medicine to activate the dragon energy and 888 frequency, the potency of abundance is very alive and ready to be anchored in to the very core of your being. There will be Tea Ceremony, sacred tea leaves of indigenous and biodynamic origins sent to your doorstep, and body-mind-soul integrative activations where you come into remembrance of who you are in the centre of your divinity, and then witness your recalibrated frequency and divine light ripple into the world.

The Lion's Gateway is open when Earth is in alignment with Sirius, the constellation system with which many starseeds identify.

Running deep within the earth are crystalline grids, light grids, and the Diamond Light Matrix that connect us with Inner Earth, where beings of other star systems connect to our astral bodies on a higher dimension. At junctions where light touch the Earth are portals that are doorways to Light Cities beyond this 3D reality in which our physical bodies live.

As we heal our perceptions by going from victim mentality to creative energy, we heal the world as we heal ourselves. The Universe is expanding like never before in this age of Aquarius. We are in one of the most important times. We came to this planet for a purpose, and it is most important to clasp hands and weave this great mandala of love with which we can wrap the Earth and humanity to ascend together.

Because love is innately us. I am Love. As a multidimensional woman, you know truly deep in your heart and soul that Love with the deepest compassion will transform even the darkest hatred, simply because in the face of Love this is simply no energetic match to who you really are. 

When you look darkness in the face with compassion and heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love, you are diffusing light selflessly, fully aware that you are abundance. You are love. You are sacred luxury and there is and has never been a need to earn it. 

Remember: You are made up of a trillion stars that exploded with intense energy. You are the cosmos. Let's light up the skies. Let's rise. Together, let's rise.

The Way of Tea harnesses the medicinal properties of the Leaf that originates from ancestral lands and grown in a biodynamic, clean manner that honours the trees' highest expression in ceremonial rituals that infuses beauty, mystery of life and grace into your life.

It is not a dead tradition carried on through empty actions - this is a very living ritual that has a very important heart-opening ability to walk you home to your very divinity, a remembrance that you are the sacred being expressed through all your human experiences.

£111 early bird price will rise to full £222. What you pay for this event can be used as a full credit redeemable against the following mentorship spaces should you decide to further deepen in mentorship with me:

Dragon Empress 1:1 mentorship (4/6/12 month options) 

Cha Dao for the Multidimensional Woman 3-month mentorship 

At Mystery's Gate 8-week Mastermind


  • Early Bird

    Sale ends: 30 Jun, 23:50 BST



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