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Sat, 08 Aug



Lion's Gateway Activation With Crystals Virtual Tea Ceremony

Move through the Lion's Gateway and connect to the higher dimensions.

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Lion's Gateway Activation With Crystals Virtual Tea Ceremony
Lion's Gateway Activation With Crystals Virtual Tea Ceremony

Time & Location

08 Aug 2020, 11:11 – 12:12 BST


About the Event

The Lion's Gateway is open when Earth is in alignment with Sirius, the constellation system with which many starseeds identify.

Running deep within the earth are crystalline grids, light grids, and the Diamond Light Matrix that connect us with Inner Earth, where beings of other star systems connect to our astral bodies on a higher dimension. At junctions where light touch are portals that are doorways to Light Cities beyond this 3D reality in which our physical bodies live.  

You can be particularly drawn to the powers of Tea ceremonies when...

  • You are ready to stop the narrative that doesn't allow you to be the star of your show
  • You would like to deepen your intuition
  • You desire to awaken to abundance and fullness of life
  • You want to be able to mindfully observe your thoughts and cure obsessive thinking for good.

Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) is a way of life that, through meditation with Tea, can teach us to let go and surrender to the flow of the Universe, to notice the minutae and gently melt away our hardened hearts to reveal our true authentic self. Taoist sages and Zen monks have sat with Tea many centuries ago to turn their gazes inward, and metaphorically travel to the depths of the windswept mountaintop for serenity and enlightenment. A life devoted to Cha Dao will allow you feel that sense of tranquillity seep into your everyday life, even when you are not drinking Tea. The truth is in the Tea: When everything is a ceremony, everything you see and do and feel is divine.

 It's strong. It's intense. But it is so vital to keep raising our vibration levels now. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. The Universe is expanding like never before in this age of Aquarius. We are in one of the most important times. We came to this planet for a purpose, and it is most important to clasp hands and weave this great mandala of love with which we can wrap the Earth and humanity to ascend together.

 Because love is innately us. I am Love. As a starseed, you know truly deep in your heart and soul that Love with the deepest compassion will transform even the darkest hatred, simply because in the face of Love there is no chance for an attack. When you look darkness in the face with compassion and heartfelt gratitude and unconditional love, you are diffusing light selflessly, fully aware that you are abundance. You are love. You are subliminal. Remember: You are made up of a trillion stars that exploded with intense energy. You are the cosmos. Let's light up the skies. Let's rise. Together, let's rise.  We will be using crystals in this ceremony so please bring along a crystal or crystals you feel connected with on the astral level, particularly through the third eye and crown chakras.

Early Birds: Get a package of living tea when you confirm your booking by August 1. An additional charge of £5 + Postage Fee will be required.

According to Global Tea Hut, "Living" tea has six characteristics: · living tea is seed propagated, as opposed to cuttings; · the tea trees have room to grow – upwards to produce large crowns, and between trees, allowing the plants to organise themselves; · living tea is grown in full biodiversity, surrounded by natural ecology; · living tea is, of course, grown without the use of any agro-chemicals (the Terrible Trio: pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers); · and the relationship between the farmer ans trees is one of respect and reverence; · finally, no irrigation or fertiliser of any kind (even organic fertiliser). This allows the trees to be independent, developing strong and deep roots and connecting to the energy of the mountain.


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