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Claim your FREE Siren Goddess Frequency Activation Now.


Leading Divine Energy Alchemist, Sacred Mentor, Ceremonial Keeper of The Way of Tea LiYing Lim presents…

The Woman of Magic Activation 

Activate your inner witch, escape your pain and manifest the love, relationship and self confidence you want!


In ancient times, the goddesses presided over magic. Together in this divine journey you will begin to discover the power, mystery and frequency of your divine femme magical power. 


🖤 If you are a ⚜ femme mystic who creates art from poetry, words, design, dance, visual arts and healing and beyond ready to take your sacred work to the highest dimension so you can create the impact you are born to have, this is for you.


🖤 If you fear that people won't like what you truly want to create and that has been stifling your creative flow...


🖤 If you feel like you have lost your connection to your muse, like you have not been able to find resonance with your tribe, like your words are falling on deaf ears...


🌟 You're not alone and this is what you need.


In this free 45-minute initiation, I will share 3 secret shifts to make...


🌖 Did you know that as the veil of forgetfulness thins, you are reconnecting Mind. Body. Soul?

For centuries, women all around the world have been conditioned to believe that they need overcome their minds and control the body and diminish their soul-led voice in order to please others and be liked and stay in line.

But something is brewing. You can sense it. You can sense it and maybe you feel scared or confused about what to do with this...

You’re here because you know you are magic.

You know you are made for more.

The universe is ready to meet you at your next level.

🔥 Are you ready to stop sabotage so you can create the impact and life that you are born to have?

🔥 Are you ready to find out how you can align your frequency to release your "I am not enough" BS and activate self-love, intuition and trust?

Because if that's you, I am here for you, darling.

I will be sharing with you powerful activations that will equip you to step up and open your heart, liberate yourself from the past, and fully activate your highest potential.

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