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UNFLINCHING | In · Tea · macy

15.09.2022 + 16.09.2022
5pm GMT
📌 An intimate circle live on Zoom & inside The Siren Goddess Collective ✨ ⁣ 

(convert to your time zone here and here.

Fret not if you can't make it live - a recording will be delivered to your inbox for your own sacred viewing.

A FREE 2-day Siren Goddess Embodied Experience of alchemy & embodiment to shift from self-doubt & false self to living your dreams with purpose, freedom & unstoppable vision.

A Goddess who walks with the power of the Universe is not perfect. No. The invincibility she radiates comes from facing failure after failure, alchemising pain after pain, and crying with all the sorrows of the world without ever losing hope and vision.⁣

The conditioning of having to keep it all together and get over our emotions have kept women discounting themselves for centuries, their inner lights diminished and compass back home within cast to the whims and woes of external validations.⁣

There is a Goddess in every woman.⁣

There is nothing to fix or change, because you have never been short of anything.⁣

And I am here to help you remember and embody your wholeness, so that you act and breathe and live as the Goddess you truly are.⁣

The time to reclaim your truth and live on purpose is NOW, divine woman. ⁣

96% of your life is run by your subconscious resonance. This means how you align with your soul purpose is currently run by the beliefs of someone else - be it your ex-lover, mother, father, auntie, uncle, best friend, ex-boss ...⁣

Until you reclaim your power to embody the creatrix of your life that you truly are. ⁣

Are you always chasing after a high and terrified of the lower vibrational frequency?⁣

As a cosmic being, being human, you are a spectrum of energy coming into this denser dimension - and more of you is just waiting to come in fully.⁣

To allow yourself to activate as the gateway for the Universe to stream in and manifest in your reality, embracing ALL your deepest desires and darkest fears is asked of you to set off on The Way to your divine authentic self. ⁣

The Way, also known as Dao, is shown with grace and ease when we work in tandem with Nature - and Tea Spirit medicine seeks to support us in our reunion and reconnection with that which is true: cosmic wholeness and limitless abundance.⁣

No more need to force, chase or control.⁣

Channelled whilst I was on a sacred ancient land where deers roam wild and cedar and oak trees reign free and regal with potent spring Wells, where Kings and Queens used to visit to immerse in its healing powers, this 2-day live Experience is here to awaken your pure magic and align you with your Dao, so go on and sign up and join a group of magical women for this heart-to-heart experience. ⁣


Duality happens when we densify into physical form. Masculine (yang) energy pushes upward, grows, and actions desires into being. Feminine (yin) energy is receptive and flows with grace and nurturing creative ease. Learn how to rebalance and develop a superconsciousness that is designed to love and work with non-linear healing rituals, whilst also taking a firm grounded stand on your unstoppable vision with integrity and truth.⁣


Fear of being used and taken advantage inhibits your openness to allow in your multidimensionality. ⁣

Giving and receiving free from expectation can raise your energetic vibrational frequency to call in all that you desire. Anything standing in the way is a subconscious dissonance that has been stifling your ability to embody your limitless potential. Learn the secrets to unveiling a new paradigm that is anchored in overflow.⁣

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