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A 3-Month Group Immersion

Feel the Sacred Truth to life.

You are here because you profoundly, deeply believe that you are here to bring and restore peace from within.⁣

You are here because you know you are an ancient wisdom keeper, a mystic for many lifetimes before, and you are here now to share your masterpiece, your encore, your piece de resistance.⁣

You value experiences where luxury and sacred meet as one, stillness, and having unwavering faith in you, no matter what.⁣

You value communion with nature and the divine to tune into plant spirit's wisdom. ⁣

You value seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary and feeling good and anchored in within as you become more visible and powerful as a light leader.⁣

You know you are a light leader. You know because you are so multidimensional, nobody can pin you down and put you into a box, and quite rightly so. ⁣

You are here because you are meant to be ever fluid, ever devoted to stepping into your expansiveness, your limitless potential.⁣

You have to know this first and foremost and value all of your multidimensionality so that you can truly fly and make the sacred impact you are here to make from a stabilised field of ever-expanding energy field. ⁣

Be the gateway for the Divine to be expressed here and now.⁣

Be the vortex of stillness that can anchor in the highest frequency of all into this dimension.⁣

This is the Golden Age. ⁣

The time is now, and it is in the details, EACH star coming back to light contributing to the collective fire to light The Way forward.⁣

If you are here to awaken the divinity in the humanity and serve to elevate consciousness, I am here to walk you into your legacy leadership and cosmic embodied magnificence as a spiritual being living a human experience worth remembering, worth telling, for centuries to come after. ⁣

The sun is rising on a new era of feminine leadership,

and we are here to create it together.

Unwavering faith. Unshakeable self-love. Authentic power. 
This is the frequency of
The Quiet Revolution.

What is included:

This is a 3-month space, with 1 x monthly 2-hour Tea Ceremony and 1 x Vortex of Stillness activation. You will be notified well in advance when LiYing is going live, and there will be a vault of replays for you to tap into during your time inside the container. 

An intimate 3 months time together within a Telegram group to complete this immersive and embodied experience. You will get to interact in real-time with LiYing here 3 days a week to answer all your questions. You will also get to interact and connect with fabulous women who have chosen to join this space. This collective conscious intention to rise is priceless. This energy field is here to support each other to truly quantum leap and transcend barriers quicker than you could ever have done alone.

LiYing will also channel cosmic transmissions into the private group weekly. This is truly an amazing opportunity to walk alongside a mentor who is devoted to seeing it through with you.  

This is your Quiet Revolution.
This is your time. 
This is your journey. 
Involution for evolution.

"I am honoured to be given the divine mandate to share the emptying out from within to become a crystalline vessel for spirit to enter so we could hold space as a multidimensional leader and wayshower for the highest good of our clients, students and all who hark our call and feel the potency of our own medicine."

PAY IN FULL: £7,777

PAYMEN T PLAN: £2,666/month for 3 months

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