Zen is...

A state of no-mind. A perpetual state of beginner's mind.

Zen is...

Chop some wood. Gather some water. Now let the fire work its alchemy and bring the soughing wind through the pines. Please sit. Here, have a few bowls of Tea.

Alchemy of Tea ~ the two-way bridge between Heaven and Earth. 

We navigate our awakening and realise the futility of egoic reactions by identifying the Ego

through dropping down into Shen, Presence;
Turning the ordinary into the sacred
Bringing the sacred into the ordinary moment.
Communing with Tea Spirit 
Steeping in the understory of the ancient trees
Poetry, meditation, noble silence
Walk away with a peaceful, radiant energy that resides within you
Reconnect with nature to bring you into harmony with love and tranquillity 
Reconnect with sentient beings
Turn inward and open your heart to loving awareness
Harness the goddess Thea energy 
Tune into the spiritual downloads of Tea 

Learn to do everything with the Whole Of Your Being.
Slow down. 
At your own pace.
Release the illusion of the Self.

Live a Wabi Sabi life.

Spiritual transmissions from Tea Spirit.

What if I told you that you could wake up to an undercurrent in abundant flow of calm joy every single day?⁣

What if I told you that you are awakening to a new spiritual reality?⁣

Your soul feels it. Your soul yearns for that stillness, that freedom and grace of simply being your true, authentic self.⁣

What if I told you that you are not alone?⁣

In the modern reality, there is so much separation between the spiritual and physical. ⁣

Here in this Tea Temple, there is simply no ego, no social status. We learn to undo categorisation and compartmentalisation - in other words we drop all judgements.⁣

Learn to:

〰️ It is in the no·thingness, the unmanifest, that you become present to limitless possibilities -> effectively alchemise emotions to end the chase after the perfect something 


〰️ learn to see that Zen is in our everyday life -> cultivate a space of wholeness where there is nothing to do and improve


〰️ Control hides a deep-set stagnation of energies and loss of touch with your true feelings -> work your own deep magic and alchemy by learning how to catalyse the Three Treasures - Shen, Jing and Qi


〰️ Embrace and love the mystery of life's vicissitudes -> there is no need to struggle and effort as you learn there is a divine power at work 


〰️ Work with Tea for your holistic well-being, harnessing what Chinese Medicine calls the Three Treasures: Shen, Jing and Qi. 

There are no linear rules here. This is really an invitation to steep deep and slow in the ritual of Tea and the teachings of Cha Dao. We peel away each topic very slowly, really feeling into the Tea of the month, truly getting to know the energetics of Tea Spirit and the Immortals that imbue in the Veins of the Leaf. If you prefer an introductory course, then the Seven-Week Circle is here for you.

Here, we learn to just be with ourselves.

All the doing are ultimately to cultivate our Being.

Learning to age Tea. Learning the ancient practice of Zen meditation.

After each three month commitment you are welcome to continue to stay on, or to go back to the World of Dust. It is only my hope that you found something here and are able to carry that with you back to that World.
Indeed, it is perhaps not a retreat for everyone.
No official certificate. No certification. Only the path to Inner Peace that already lives in you.

We remember our infinite self, and through this remembering we become as peaceful as the sea in the morning.

We remember a land before time, the Inner Earth that connects us all with the roots of Mother Gaia and all the celestial beings around us.

We remember the temple that resides within us.

We remember we are the light, the stars, the moon and the sun, the Thousand Things, as the sages called it centuries ago.

This Zen Tea Temple Retreat runs for three months per cycle and initiation begins any time you sign up. 

*Payment plan is available. Should you require financial assistance, please also click the "join now" button and specify your circumstances.

3 months of self-cultivation. Includes but not limited to...

  • 1 x monthly 3-hour Virtual Zen Retreat with other students and guides 

  • Lifetime access to Course materials and prayers

  • Access to private group membership and replays 

  • 2 sessions of  1:1 Tea Apprenticeship per month

  • One Tea and Temple Sacred Ritual Zen Kit of consciously sourced ceremonial-grade living, clean Tea and sacred ritual creation materials to create your own home ritual

Who does this support?

Designed to help beings who have crashed and burnt under the weight of perfectionism, manic control, not-enoughness and self-sabotage to find eternal contentment.

What People Are Saying...



I’ve always pondered the power of our simple being-ness within silence and stillness. To witness this power has been something my soul has longed for since I was young. I got the chance to experience this through my private tea ceremony session with Liying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I got exactly what my soul has been seeking... absolute presence with another human. Liying is filled with love and compassion and has a keen ability to tap into the energy of others. It felt refreshing to have such beautiful space held for me in the most simple way... I felt truly seen, held, and loved in her unwavering presence for me like never before. There’s so much wisdom that tea has to offer, combined with Liying’s own wisdom (plus her gorgeous playlist), the experience was poetic, grounding, humbling, and enriching. I would highly recommend a private session as well as her group offerings. 


—  Sarah, New York