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Siren Goddess Mastermind

Can you turn down the noise...

And turn up your light?

Are you committed to never asking "Why can't I just be free to live full out?" EVER again?

Because there is a Way...

To live embodied in your authentic power.

You are a high being, the original medicine.

When you are not in your power, you delay and wait and stop and start and drop it all again because you fear that when you do finish it and if it falls short of expectation, you have to take responsibility for this.

I hope you can hear me when I say...

You are the bravest one when you put yourself in the rooms where you feel the smallest.

You are the bravest one when you answer the calling of your deepest sacral voice and walk the paths where no one would go yet. 

You are the one who follows your heart and truly see through the veil of illusions when you can trust in yourself fully despite the lack of evidence. 

You have done the impossible, and time and space collapse when you reclaim your authentic power.

The women who come to work with me... they come with their own light.

Deep in the lead, is the gold.


Three months of high-level, high-touch interaction, integration and intensive magnification of your most authentic self in a sacred lush transformative space where I will be holding you through the elements of alchemy.

This is for you if you are READY to unveil the pathways to live embodied in your authentic power, in the greatness of a space where there are the chosen ones who chose themselves and leaned into their sacred yes is out of this world.

This is a space where you can calibrate to the authentic powers of each woman, as women who walk side by side, leaders in their own way.

We begin at the Lion's Gate Portal, 8th of August 2023. 

Are you coming? 

** If you are in At Mystery's Gate, you will have access to this mastermind.


PAY IN FULL - £5997 (valued at £18,888) - or £2222 x 3 payments 

3 mastermind calls per month

Opening Circle on Telegram on 08.08.23

1 live opening Tea Ceremony & Activation on 12.08.23

1 live closing integration Tea Ceremony Activation on 11.11.23

Daily (Mon-Fri) touch point inside a private Telegram group

also includes a 2-day Divine Frequency Activation Masterclass, This Is Your Calling

AND + A mystery offer 

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Thank you for applying to be a part of the Siren Goddess Mastermind! Please fill up the form if you are called to be part of the experience for serious consideration to join the mastermind. 

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