My name is LiYing, Leading Sacred Transformation Mentor, Ceremonial Keeper of  The Ancient Ways, Divine Energy Alchemist. 

I am devoted to helping you, creative femme leader, to turn up your light, activate your dreams, and live ON PURPOSE in your AUTHENTIC POWER, so you become fully aligned with abundance, joy and freedom. 

Are you ready to shift from self-doubt and fear to living your dreams with purpose, freedom, and unstoppable vision?

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👩‍🎤 Hannah went from feeling stuck forever in a soul-sucking job to starting to dip her toes into her soul calling in tarot

💃 Hala went from struggling with codependency and fear of expression to feeling deep inner peace and fully owning her authenticity

🧜‍♀️ Marina came finding her sense of self and has recently had her sacred artwork enlisted in a sustainable boutique

🥀 Ania went from social service support to starting her own multi-pronged creative business and owning her Goddess power like never before

Are you next?

As part of our chat: 


  • you’ll gain clarity about what’s really stopping you from receiving exactly what you want. 

  • you’ll take a deep dive into what you want, so you can begin to create a divine pathway for bringing your vision into reality.

  • we'll have a juicy heart to heart and begin to map your way forward, so you’ll know exactly what your next steps are. 

  • you’ll discover how to stop going round and round in circles… because you deserve so much more than that!

It’s time to raise your standards.

It’s time to heal your heart. 

It’s time to get clear on your purpose. 

Book in for a free Heart-To-Heart Chat to begin your divine transformation, gorgeous.




I have really been loving the transmutation practice. I feel it has been really helpful in processing the pain in a way that doesn't drag on and drain me and also provides a lot of insight. 

I am allowing myself to have clear boundaries about what I am and am not willing to allow beings I am providing for to do. 

I am remembering my own health, in particular seeing crystal clear again without glasses after wearing them from a very young age which I believe is attributed to regaining trust in my body, myself, and the world again and really allowing myself to sink into my body.


—  Hala, Los Angeles