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 1:1 Private Membership

Empowering you with the tools to tap into your intuition and live a life of the serene Dao.

 Healing needs to take place before you can live your richest life. As trauma arises within us, allow Tea to still the turbid waters of your mind. It is only when water is still that it can be cleansed again, for the murky sediments will eventually fall to the bottom. There is no guide, no to-do list, simply this: a space where we come together to weave a mandala of love, a space where there is wild, wild love to be explored, and where no discriminations, classifications, identities and egos exist. We show up here as our authentic selves. This could be comforting; this could be confounding, an unfamiliar muscle that you have never known existed. This could be terrifying; this could even be the awakening you have been seeking. Spirituality is innate - like Tea, it is imprinted in our every fibre. With Tea, we connect with our inner Earth, our hearts. With Tea, we shatter the invisible fortresses to connect with each other and forge friendships with Tea’s wisdom, without the static of words.

Commit to healing yourself. Commit to simply receiving Tea. Receive all Her intelligence as they arise from stillness and presence. 

As the keeper of the ancient practice of Cha Dao, I am here to guide you through your journey to finding your true nature.

Your commitment to making space for meditation is the primary meditation. 

When life is a ceremony, everything is divine.

This is Cha Dao, The Way of Tea. As the Sage said, “the Dao is a returning.” It is the returning to our bodies, and eventually, our souls.

This will take place online via Zoom so you can participate wherever you are. What you will receive as support:

  • Two bespoke private Tea Ceremonies each month at your discretion

  • Access to all events held on When Still Waters Speak

  • Pre-recorded Poetic Immersion into Cha Dao with me each month for your own self-paced healing, followed by a recommendation of Tea selected uniquely for you to recalibrate your Shen, Jing and Qi, chakra systems and support your nervous systems. 

  • Access to a private support group with the opportunity to interact with me and Tea lovers like you, as well as livestreams where we can share reflections and questions for roadblocks we may be facing 

  • Bonus for yearly VIPs: You will also receive four seasonal element packages of consciously sourced, "living" Tea and sacred space creation kit

Devotion. Your metamorphosis never ends. Let's rise together.

Payment plans are available for discussion. You can start your membership anytime at your discretion upon payment.



I’ve always pondered the power of our simple being-ness within silence and stillness. To witness this power has been something my soul has longed for since I was young. I got the chance to experience this through my private tea ceremony session with Liying. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I got exactly what my soul has been seeking... absolute presence with another human. Liying is filled with love and compassion and has a keen ability to tap into the energy of others. It felt refreshing to have such beautiful space held for me in the most simple way... I felt truly seen, held, and loved in her unwavering presence for me like never before. There’s so much wisdom that tea has to offer, combined with Liying’s own wisdom (plus her gorgeous playlist), the experience was poetic, grounding, humbling, and enriching. I would highly recommend a private session as well as her group offerings. 


—  Sarah, New York

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