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Join us as we immerse in this three-part series no matter where you are in the world with me to welcome the pure dragon pearlescent light into your body and embody the light with the power of a plant that has been most reverred by emperors, empresses, the ancient ones and Zen monks for decades.


No prior experience in Tea Ceremony is required to join any of my Tea Ceremonies or mentorship spaces.⁣ Then choose a space. Have some high-vibrational living tea (I also provide subscriptions to monthly sacred Tea sets! Ask me about them), a bowl or cup, and some hot water are all that is required to start building your connection with Tea in this way.⁣ ⁣



This means you will have a threefold of ceremonies to activate, instil and embody the energetics of the Wood Dragon as we will be walking together through the portal of the lunar new year to welcome the dragon together. 



Wood Dragon Year Tea Ceremony Series

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