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Immerse yourself in an experience where Luxury and Sacred unite as one in this timeless art. 


My work encompasses self-leadership, embodiment practices, Daoist ancestral wisdom, bioenergetic healing and communing with Tea Spirit to embody stillness and higher states of consciousness, remembering the eternal presence through Tea medicine.


I am devoted to this incredible body of work that continues to blow my own energy circuits. As a Cha Dao Ceremonial Keeper, I work with Tea as a medicine and spirit alongside alchemical wisdom to guide spiritual creative leaders to access and embody their own vortex of stillness to co-create the most divine life in their truth.⁣


We will be coming into Tea Ceremony with a private reserve Tea, exclusively chosen for the occasion, tailored to your desires. 


Turn inward and rest in stillness. Allow Tea to open up your heart gently to receive Nature's divine guidance through the ageless wisdom of ancient trees, leaves that bring with them the snowy mountain streams, raindrops, moonlight, sunlight, and starlight. 


From the hands of aboriginal shamans, who carried these leaves in their medicinal pouches, to Daoist mystics and Zen monks, all of their fingerprints mark the rituals in a Cha Dao Tea Ceremony.


Imbuing the ceremony is the spirit of Tea - the many years of wisdom coming from Mother Gaia, the cosmos, all those ancestors who came before, and those who will come after us.


Tea is Nature. Nature is Tea. 


Through Tea, you return to stillness.


This purchase is non-refundable. The confirmation will be followed by an email with further instructions on how to book an experience with LiYing. This credit can be used towards a mentorship space within the month.

1:1 Bespoke Tea Ceremony (1.5 hour online or in-person)

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