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8 weeks of pilgrimage to commune with Tea Spirit

This is for all those who know deep down, you are a woman forged in magic and have heard the call of Tea Spirit.


I firmly believe that Tea calls out to Her disciples in unique ways that hone into precisely where you are in your life - and it is your decision to hark the call.  


Nowhere else can you find a pilgrimage online where you will be taken into a sacred vortex where you will learn in your own way to commune with this gentle Spirit, a shamanic plant medicine that has guided shamans, Zen and Buddhist monks, Daoist sages and emperors as well as empresses to their own healing and awakening.


Are you ready for it? 


Imagine feeling all of these as you learn to work with the Empress of All Herbs to live a life of Tea…


Calm the monkey mind chatter which loves to live off stress and return  home to the deep peace and stillness residing in your heart space— you’ll  be omming “I am deeply serene. Nothing can touch me” in no time at all.  

⚡ Leap off the mad hamster wheel of stress and anxiety in your work,  relationships, and life, and shift into a deep space of inner peace where you begin to become the vortex of stillness. 

Change the thought patterns that keep you tied to the illusion of stress and security, and ground your being into the power of the present moment where only peace prevails.  

⚡ No longer feel like you’re stuck in the never-ending cycle of stress, and  reclaim your power to create a life and lifestyle that light you up and give you the space and time to do the things you truly love.


Working with Tea to navigate the unknown is an awakening to the shadowy depths where the Dark Goddess presides.


Working with Tea sheds the veil so you can perceive the extraordinary in the ordinary.


It is an awakening to the shadows of death and impermanence.


A potent practice to embody your true essence, enlightened and embodied, gentle enough to be integrated into your daily life to walk the Dao every moment of your life.


4 x live Tea Ceremonies - a non-verbal transmission on all the non-linear wisdom of Tea spirit to connect with the multi-dimensionality of you.

4 x live Q & A + Teaching Sessions - a detailed insider's look into the practice of Tea as shamanic medicine, inspiration for Daoist sages, and spiritual expression for Zen monks, Tea sages' and masters' poetic expression of life itself in a Leaf; the intricacies of bowl, boiled and sidehandle Tea Ceremony; and the communion with Tea Spirit in what is known as "Living Tea" from ancestral and spiritual lands, to open up your intuition, third eye wisdom and connection with nature and embodiment of the Dao.

The next live round kicks off on the 25th of October 2023 and doors will remain open to welcome latecomers (you will be placed on the waitlist if the capacity is full so that you can catch the next cohort).


We will ensure all gift sets are sent out in time. If you are on a payment plan, I recommend signing up for my Tea subscription box so you can get these living tea delivered to go along with your pilgrimage.

Replays are all made available in the private group after each session. 

PAY IN FULL: £3,333

BONUS: 1 x Sacred Gift Set 


£555 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot first. Remaining payment made in the first month or in 2-part payment plan.


£1889 upfront + £1889 on the subsequent month.


Live Ceremonial Immersion To Connect with the Cosmos and Mother Gaia

Bi-weekly Tea Ceremony live sits to access Spirit and learn how to commune and work with plant spirit medicine through Cha Dao. Valued at £1500.


Walk the Path of Wise Sages Before And Understand The Language of  Living Tea 

 Bi-weekly in-depth classes about Tea. Receive exclusive replays and access to a private Telegram vortex.  Valued at £2200


All Of It Will Land In Your Own Sacred Space At Your Own Pace

 1 x comprehensive The Way of Tea  e-course for lifetime access and information on how to host retreats and classes to go at your own pace. Value: £5997

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