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Zen Is A Practice Of Acceptance and Letting-Go

I solemnly declare⁣

That from this point in time as I take my first step through the portal of light - ⁣

I am observing the graceful ways of Nature⁣

I am feeling gratitude to the deep ends of my core⁣

I am supported by the Universe and all precious beings around me ⁣

I am a child of the Universe, humbled by the grace of God.⁣

I was told in my dejected times: "True modesty is knowing your worth."⁣

Rabindranath Tagore once said: "Praise shames me because I beg for it!"⁣

And so I am not doing anything worthwhile ⁣

But the Dao grants me the grace⁣

For me to be a being worthy of abundance, love and joy⁣

As do all sentient beings - this is our natural state and yet we have forgotten.⁣


Zen master Rikyu once said: "Imagine a life without tea, and if it is any different from your life now, you have yet to truly understand tea." ⁣

Because this is the truth:⁣

Whether the cup is empty or full ⁣

Appreciate Tea.⁣

Whether we are in darkness or light⁣

Appreciate the moment.⁣

Such a One who sits and drink Tea completely as oneself⁣

Such a One who lives life with devotion⁣

Is when one fully lives the same Dao that pulses through the Universe and moves the world.⁣

We miss so many opportunities in the moment simply because we were busy casting about to figure out a way to repeat this moment again in the future. ⁣

But true Zen is in living the moment and letting go of all else - when life is lived thus, there is no need for repetition, no need to grasp onto something tangible;⁣

For you have already tasted true full satisfaction. ⁣

When you can understand this, you will become a fluid being of light, giving and receiving, asking only to be used by the Highest Realm, and thus living your fullest dharma, with the highest potential.


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