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Zen and Tea Meditation: One Flavour

"Zen and Tea are the same because Zen and life are the same. The world around you, all you see and hear, is the sacred. And you needn't go to the beauty of the pines to see it - the same sound is in your man-made kettle. The passage to Zen is without door; and what, imagine, is a gate without its doors or lintels on the side? Such a portal would be endless and embrace your whole life. You have but to walk through it, this very moment. And through the gate, the heart opens and Zen becomes who you are. Each moment is then religious, and the most ordinary sip of daily Tea is a hallowed ceremony." | Zen & Tea One Flavour, Wu De⁣


Let us sit and unveil our hearts fully and come alive with gratitude for this present breath that we are breathing, and walk the dewy path to peace and find the Zen in our Tea, and Tea in the Zen. Sunday June 7, 1pm BST on *zoom*. Everybody is welcomed. RSVP in #linkinbio. I would so love to see your familiar faces. Much love, LiYing 🧡🌿🕊

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