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Your Soul's Dive Into No-thingness

What if i told you that you could wake up to an undercurrent in abundant flow of calm joy every single day?⁣

What if I told you that you are awakening to a new spiritual reality?⁣

Your soul feels it. Your soul yearns for that stillness, that freedom and grace of simply being your true, authentic self.⁣

What if I told you that you are not alone?⁣

In the modern reality, there is so much separation between the spiritual and physical. ⁣

Here in this Tea Temple, there is simply no ego, no social status. We learn to undo categorisation and compartmentalisation - in other words we drop all judgements.⁣

We place our hands in prayer position, in Namaste, which means, "I honour that place in you where, when you are resting in yours and I am resting in mine, we are one.", and bow down in gratitude to our own hearts for beating within us all, connecting us all as one. ⁣

Make no mistake. This is not to say Tea is some form of escapism. In harmony with Nature's course, all our actions, when taken from a place of heart-centred stillness, will emanate love, magnanimity, trust, respect and done so nonjudgementally - the silence within action, non-action, or wu wei 無為. ⁣

This year more than anything else, the community has shown strength in resilience and vulnerability, unity in adversity, and love and compassion in extremely diversified circumstances. I am honoured to be in service and to share the teachings of Cha Dao, and most of all, to continue to be the ever-humble student of the Leaf with a Beginner's Mind, pacing myself to the point of Kensho.⁣




This Virtual Tea Temple Retreat is the embodiment of all of these things, and more - for in the mystery of the mandala of love that we weave with life, love and ego-less existence, transcendence, an uplevelling, begins to happen.⁣

※ ⁣⁣

🌊 Alchemy of Tea ~ the two-way bridge between Heaven and Earth. 🌳⁣⁣


〰️ Spiritual transmissions from Tea Spirit 〰️⁣⁣

5 spots available on Pre-launch special price 〰️ ⚫ until December 2 〰️ my doors are always open for all enquiries and clarity chats. 🤍🍃🙏🏻 link in my bio or DM to get started.

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