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Your Mess Is Your Greatest Gift

Dear one,⁣ If you say to me you hate yourself,⁣ know that I do not believe you. ⁣ If you say to me that you hate your body⁣ I want you to know that you are not alone in this. ⁣ I have walked many strayed paths to come to you here and now⁣ To tell you that life is beautiful.⁣ I am lost for words to say how beautiful and ephemeral this moment and the next can be ⁣ That that is the beauty that is found in the profound silence that permeates your body.⁣ Are you afraid of that silence?⁣ Are you busy filling in the gaps in between?⁣ The outer world would have you believe that is what you should do.⁣ But I am here to tell you ⁣ If you say to me you hate yourself⁣ If you say to me you hate your body⁣ What you are hating is a subconscious surrender of will you did not even know you have given away ⁣ To the power outside of you⁣ A disembodying, disenchanting power.⁣ If you are wiling to come walk with me down this gentle slope ⁣ this curving hill down your spine.⁣ See how we moved with ease when we let Presence guide us? ⁣ See how the little steps we take can make a difference?⁣ Because the time is now and ever forever now. ⁣ To own your home, this body that is the home for your spirit. ⁣ Your spirit has lost her anchor for far too long.⁣ If you have always felt that something is amiss,⁣ This is it. ⁣ Close your eyes to really see⁣ These golden interweb of veins within your body⁣ These muscles and sinews that hold up the foundations of your body⁣ This stomach that stores energy and fills you with the warmth of safety⁣ These lungs that draw magic from air⁣ This heart that pumps passion and love into your every fibre⁣ If only you could trace the map of your body and see the incredible history and workings of you ⁣ Yes, you.⁣ You, the amazing precious being like no other.⁣ The one and only⁣ You.⁣ Your disordered relationship with food and body is your greatest gift. ⁣ 🕊🪶🤍⁣ I am looking for 5 ready to make way for full body acceptance and true embodiment in both spiritual and human existence. If this sounds like you, book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session with me. link in bio. 🍃

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