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Your Invitation To True Freedom

Incredibly honoured to announce that I will be holding space for a Freedom Circle with @supparetreat on November 19, from 8pm MYT (12pm UK time) to 10pm MYT (2pm UK time). ⁣

🧡 This virtual Circle is created to awaken the loving awareness ·Satsang· within for those who want to...⁣

〰️ participate in a non-judgmental space for healing⁣

〰️ learn from an inner peace programme to feel supported in your struggles⁣

〰️ learn how to be more compassionate and forgive yourself⁣

〰️ learn to create a sacred ritual on your path to heal⁣

〰️ learn to break the cycle of your guilt, self-loathing⁣

🍃 The idea behind the Circle is to have a space with no judgement for...⁣

〰️ men or women who are struggling with body image issues (body dysmorphia, obesity, anorexia)⁣

〰️ anyone who wants to connect with others who are going through similar struggles⁣

〰️ anyone who wants to gain freedom from their thoughts⁣

〰️ anyone who wants to take the first step to recovery⁣

〰️ anyone who wants to find a sustainable daily practice to love themselves⁣

☯️ What is involved:⁣

We shall begin with a Tea Ceremony to drop from our heads to our hearts, to come into stillness to find the awareness within. You will then be guided through a process that includes guided meditations, singing bowls and journal prompts that will allow you to give yourself full permission to open up portals to the mysteries of life, reconnect with your inner child, and find forgiveness and unconditional love to free yourself to live a full, thriving life. ⁣

This will be a great introduction to what is involved in my upcoming A Space To Be Free 6-month Journey. Link in bio. ⁣

🕊 Link in my bio to register for this event, or sign up now via @supparetreat. I can't wait to receive your presence and break open our hearts to freedom together ♥️

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