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Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit

Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit Sacred Circle is now fast approaching. It is a beautiful coming together of beings who are hearing the call to align body, mind and soul with their hearts, to break free from the constrictions of years of external conditioning.⁣

What has the subconscious mind absorbed? What can we let go to let newness in? ⁣

There will be words, silence and a lightness of being. There is no pressure to share. Simply come as you are. You will be held and your fear and doubts will be witnessed with no judgement. ⁣

I am keeping this space formless and empty. When we sit in emptiness we can go deep into the darkness of our souls. And when we do we begin to create, recreate, redefine. ⁣

In darkness, light is born. ⁣

In darkness, we are born again.⁣

Who would you like to be?

Freedom is always your hands, my loves. When you look out of your soul's eyes you see the vast sky. When you think you could never reach beyond this cage of disordered eating and constant loop of perfectionism, look inward and know you have it in you. ⁣

You have walked this path for so long. Rest and surrender the need to control, and let love do the rest. ⁣

Slowly, ever so gently, you will find your feet again. ⁣

Slowly, ever so gently, these glorious spirit in you will wake up. ⁣

When you give your body nourishment you will take on wings that will spread and take you to the land of freedom, of tranquillity, of presence, and peace. ⁣

Link in bio to join the Facebook group and gain free access to the event. See you, my loves.

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