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You are loved. You are seen.

。I hope this travels across to anyone who needs to hear it. You are loved. You are seen. This space is free of judgement. You are loved. You are loved, unconditionally. And I am so grateful you are here. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. Here and you, never separately, are all vital to this alchemy. 。⁣


Sending so much compassion and love to you if you are feeling discombobulated and flailing in the flames of Mars in Retrograde in its own sovereign sign, Aries. When a planet is in retrograde, it slows down and is closer to the Earth than ever. Imagine how Mars is closing into our subtle bodies now! Think aggression, anger, frustration, need for action, masculine aspects of control. I have been feeling out of sorts and prone to lose my temper, tempted to run off to the hills and not do anything, not think of any future consequences. I am seeing all kinds of conflicting emotions arise in me and all around me. Agitation. Impatience. Anger, frustration at delays and distress at unexpected circumstances, self-doubt and second guesses at our self-worth and the esteem of the self and even others, especially our loved ones, flaring up like an unsightly acne (at least for me it feels that way). ⁣

☯️ I N T E G R A T E⁣

In the Tea Space, we learn to share ourselves and Tea with no ego and judgement. We appreciate the ordinary and the extraodinary. We learn to honour the discomfort, pleasure, that come with the movement in the cosmos when we understand that as above, so below. We realise through the guidance of Tea Spirit that we are all connected with each other and the beings of light, never separate. In this realisation we know that this too, shall pass. What burns us up can be used to alchemise gold.⁣ we learn that human beings are meant to live by the seasons and the stars. This too shall pass like every planet that in transit will finish up their cycles.

Remember that fire is the teacher of Tea. Reconnect with fire's radiance and passion, fire's transformative powers; re-emerge from the ashes as the phoenix and dragon that you really are.⁣

🐉link in the tab above to meet in the virtual space of Zoom for Tea on Monday, 1030am BST // 1730pm MYT 🔥

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