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Working With Your Energy For Ultimate Freedom

We could be doing well from an outward point of view, but still suffer deeply inside because we are not living based on our true nature. There is no real fulfillment, even though outwardly you are not lacking.⁣⁣


I still get days when I notice thoughts like that floating past the Chambers of my mind.


And when I find my energy back in that place, I choose to lift off and get back here into presence.

There is always a door open to presence.

To making the most of every moment.

We just need to choose that door.⁣⁣ We all have this amazing capacity.

Working with energy now, where there is resistance I now know there is also room to learn.

There is something deeper within that I can explore and alchemise into another dimension to expand my beingness, to expand my heart and capacity to love - myself and all other beings, especially the ones that are the hardest to love - that so often is, ourselves. ⁣⁣

If you ever find yourself spiralling into a place that is gunky and keeping you from experiencing your true magnificent nature, ask yourself this:

How is this allowing us to raise our vibration level? How is this contributing to our health, our safety and sense of security? Is this feeding our egoic disordered eating voice or our true heart-centred voice?⁣⁣


Clue: the heart-centred voice never judges 🌟😌


Join our Sacred Circle for Disordered Eating Recovery on Sunday, March 21, 11am GMT where you can simply be there, no need for doing or speaking. These circles have been incredible for us all to tap into deeper parts of ourselves through sharing energy and stories in this non-judgmental space. ⁣

🤍 link in comment section to join 🪶

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