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Who Am I?

·. Who am I? .·.⁣

·.· Who have I been? ·.·⁣

·.· Who do I want to become? .·.⁣

~ ➰ Journal prompt from the #anywhereretreat, @we_are_formless

We often come to the rim of the bowl⁣

Waiting for wisdom to arise out of the steaming Tea⁣

But what we almost always find⁣

Is this simple being⁣

Of enoughness⁣

Of placid reconciliation with everything that is vibrating within us,⁣

Before our eyes,⁣

And everything else beyond our comprehension. ⁣

Never allow anyone to tell you that ⁣

You are not enough⁣


You are too much⁣

Because you are never either one of those things in the grand scheme of this Universe. ⁣


I am still reeling from yesterday's cosmic alignment that is the Anywhere Retreat, a beautiful event made possible by the gorgeous @stillbeckyidol and @marina.south. This weekend feels like a dream. The heartfelt connections, the heartaches and the corners of the memory bank that has all but been left in dilapidation, brought back out to light - that bittersweet tingle still lingers from sitting with some of the most amazing women on this retreat, as well as Saturday's New Moon in Cancer Virtual Tea Ceremony with the Instagram community and on Zoom with @glowwithpriya and @surreyhillswellness. This new moon has really moved into a deep, deep end for me. ⁣

I feel the end of something I have been holding onto for so long is drawing nigh, and something new is raring to begin. ⁣

Most of all, I am feeling this sweet surrender to the Universal life force, to this flow of the Dao, where no attachment is ever formed to the outcomes of our efforts, where no kindness is expected to be reciprocated, where love is not given to be returned. ⁣

I am rooting deeper into the crystalline grids and opening up portals of abundance, and I can't wait to serve you from this space of new realities. Sweep out the old and welcome the new. ⁣☯️⚛

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