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What Kind Of Tea Do I Use In My Tea Ceremony?

Many of you new faces have been asking me one question and that is:⁣

What wizardry of a Tea do you use in your Tea Ceremony? What makes them so special? What sets them apart from the average tea?⁣

A: I call them clean, "living" Tea - leaves that are honoured for their diversity in the environment in which they flourish, biochemical and fertiliser-free, and cultivated in a clean environment with love from the respective farmers. These leaves bridge Heaven and Earth to sharpen our minds while at the same time, awakening our hearts.⁣

Sounds like "organic Tea" but we don't use that term because not all Living Tea are certified organic, and certified "organic" Tea can also still be fertilised and given pesticides and/or grown in less than salubrious environments.⁣

And as with what I was taught, I also carry it forward to my students that because as human beings with imperfect gauges, we never say that the Tea is not good for us when She does not meet these criteria.⁣

Instead we simply honour Her, enjoy Her (I'd say do so unless like me you get a visceral reaction such as furry palate, headache, or tummy ache), or say "This is just not sitting right with me, thank you."⁣

Drink with your entire being and receive, receive, receive. Instead of asking where it is from and how does it taste, why don't we ask, how is it becoming human, becoming you?⁣

Form a spiritual connection with Tea, then and only then move onto analysing the tea and teaware etc.⁣

Teachings that are completely applicable to life in general too, don't you think?⁣



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A hint: 🌀⁣

Warmest Love, ⁣

LiYing 🎐

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