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What Embodiment Really Means

☯️ "The yang light of the shen must go below the yin... ⁣

By aligning zhi 志 with shen 神 and shen 神 with zhi 志, we become our own ridge pole. We become the mountain. ⁣

We become one with the way of Dao 道. ⁣

When we infuse our experience of illness or emotional crisis with the light of conscious awareness, then we have gained wisdom through our journey and we are twice-born, like the sage." ⁣

~ Lorrie Eve Dechar 🍃 ⁣

Last week, after a beautiful chat with a friend by the Leith Docks, I had a full-bodied revelation. ⁣

I punched the air and squealed with excitement: "I've got it! I finally see it now!"⁣

And it is this 👇🏻⁣

🌊 A true teacher, leader and master embodies the spirit of water - as the vessel of the divine, one must also be able to lower oneself to support the original nature of being, that which is most of us walking on the earth, living a human experience. 🎑⁣

Thus, aligning zhi 志 (the Spirit of Water) with shen 神 (the Spirit of Fire).⁣

This - when we anchor into our body while at the same time, opening and surrendering fully to access the intelligence of the Universe, this is true embodied alchemy.

🌌 ⁣

Embodied Enlightenment. ⁣📿


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