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We Are The Universe

My heart feels heavy today⁣

Thinking about how many beings out there who are deeply entrenched in non-consciousness.⁣

I used to think I need to earn the right to eat⁣

To breathe the same air as the revered ones⁣

And the ones I loved.⁣

I was there once before⁣

And sometimes I still find myself wandering to that abyss again -⁣

It is painful for me to write this even now.⁣

How do we begin to calcify and become so enclosed in our physical bodies,⁣

That of which we call reality?⁣

When did we stop looking up to the sky and connecting to the celestial bodies?⁣


"When you realise nothing is lacking, the whole world is yours." ~ Lao Tzu⁣

In Cha Dao {茶道 · The Way of Tea}⁣

We come to Tea with a deep sense of tranquillity ⁣

Knowing that we are not lacking anything when we are still ⁣

Connecting right to this very moment and this moment and this moment... ⁣

Walking the Way of Tea is to see beauty in simplicity⁣

To serve with humility and flow with the Universe that is also us.⁣

We are the Universe ⁣

The Universe is within us. ⁣

This bowl of Tea is perfect as it is⁣

No egoic masks will tarnish the sparkle and joy that come forth from having this Tea. ⁣

When we surrender to the no-mind's land⁣

We begin to understand the sage's words⁣

And remember that we are part of the ever evolving cosmic miracles beyond our realm.⁣


Physical · Etheric · astral · ⁣

"our astral body, or star body, is our personal snapshot of the cosmos. It is us as a cosmic pattern or cosmic pathway through time." ~ @gigi_young

In stillness we find our souls⁣

Let the soul expand⁣

To embody the Universe that is within you.⁣

Support yourself fully.⁣

Let yourself know you have got your back.⁣

Let that fear of losing control go.⁣

☯️ ⁣

I have gone and done it now. ⁣

I am ready to step into my worth.⁣

There is no time like now⁣

To live my life to the fullest⁣

To show up and embody my Highest Self.⁣


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