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This Week's Tea Ceremonies

When you trust and take the hand of the Universe and step into the Unknown, that is where and when magic happens. Magic beyond your imagination.


The Dao is the Universe, the vast unknown that we walk as we surrender the impulse to do with Tea drank in reverent silence. Step into the snowy mountain stream of Cha Dao with Tea this week with me. Link in my bio to sign up. See you in the virtual space of Zoom ⁣

🍃 Monday, September 21, 1030am // 5.30pm MYT ⁣- sign up

🍃Thursday, September 24, 7.30am BST // 2.30pm MYT ⁣- sign up

🍃 Private Tea Ceremony offering online and jn person for 1-1 support and group sits.⁣ - book now

🍃 Tea Ceremony in-person OhanaJo Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sunday, September 27, 2pm MYT - sign up

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