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This Seven-Week Course Will Take Us On The Dao In Poetry and Cha

Legend has it that the late Japanese Tea master and Chajin Takeno Joo received his first transmission from his poetry teacher Sanjonishi Sanetaka. He was first and foremost a student of the Dao of poetry and lover of words, but at this behest he also began to practise Tea Ceremony. The more he practised the more he gave himself to Tea, admonishing his students to deepen their understanding and studies of tea with time devoted to appreciating art, prose and poetry, and calligraphy.  Joo brought wabi of the Dao of Poetry into Cha Dao - from heart to heart; a direct communion between hearts.⁣

It is only when you sit with Tea and allow Her to flow through you that you know what She is. Cultivate this presence and you shall find yourself tuning your sensitivity to your body and your thoughts to a high frequency. ⁣


Reminiscing on this beautiful private Tea Ceremony with my soul sister @lifeisjustastorywritten, our very first. There has been many more since then of communion with Tea Spirit that have led to sacred connection, magical divination, and life-changing introspection.



🍃 If you would like to book in for a private Tea Ceremony in person (in KL) or virtual space (wherever you are), the link is in my bio to sign up. ⁣⁣


🍃 I also have weekly virtual events in which we can all sit and connect with the Universe of Cha Dao, every Monday and Thursday, as well as special occasions. Link in my bio for the full schedule. ⁣⁣


🍃 And finally, a wait list for a seven-week Circle of Cha Dao: Poetry, Presence & Connection is also open. Please get in touch to be the first to learn of it when it is ready to launch.

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