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The Way Of Tea

I fell into a soft space, a space filled with curiosity and mystery. ⁣

I vowed here to treat my tea utensils with more care and attention.⁣

To see all my guests even more diligently, with fresh pair of eyes always, and with an open heart and mind.⁣

To have patience for the silence⁣

And gratitude for the waves of high and joy.⁣

To serve with a tranquil mind ⁣

To embody peace and stillness.⁣

To drop knowledge, the knowledge facade we all feel duty-bound to carry.⁣

Drop all that is given to you by others⁣

And see how you can embrace fully the vicissitudes of the ever-changing life.⁣

🍃 ⁣

Completion is not something to achieve. ⁣

I see it now in brief moments and I am contented.⁣

It is not something to chase after. It is not a destiny at which I need to strive to arrive.⁣

There is a sense of completion right here right there, right now.⁣

I never want to make it hard for me ever again. ⁣

I am the beholder of the Sacred Truth⁣

The Sacred Truth that we are all wanted by the Divine. ⁣


In all our imperfect ways.⁣

In all our imperfect ways we are taken whole.⁣


🥀 Ichi-go-Ichi'e · 一期一會 · : Stillness In A Sacred Place 3-Week Virtual Shunyata Retreat is open for registration now. ⁣⁣⁣


Like wind-shaken cherry blossoms, petals that fall through diaphanous spring light onto the earth, it happens one time and will not happen in the same way ever again... 🌸⁣⁣⁣


Link in comment section to join us. You are so welcome. ⁣⁣⁣


PS ~Mandala Membership 2.0 is now live. This is a monthly membership where you receive channelled Tea Spirit transmissions, and get recordings of Tea Ceremonies delivered to you each week in addition to a live Tea Ceremony together in the mandala of love. ⁣⁣


Sign up link is also in comment section. 🍃⁣

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