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The Story Of Tea

Liquid jade in white bone China ⁣ A crane bows across the river⁣ The mystery of the unknown ⁣ Is like the pregnant whispers of the leaves⁣ Moving with the wind⁣ Turning back to my bowl⁣ I see jade has turned into gold.⁣ 🍃🎋⁣ A Tea Ceremony is an invitation to do nothing⁣ To be nothing. ⁣ To become nothing.⁣ A magnificent mountain that is opening up the hidden doorway for us to cross into a most beautiful realm where we can drop fully into our own hearts and get back in touch with our one true nature.⁣ Once closed, forever lost.⁣ Ichi-go-ichi'e ※ 一期一會 ※⁣ One Chance, One Encounter ※ Staying present to the fluidity of life is the essence of Tea. ⁣ The heart coherent frequency is in line with that of your spiritual body - that Soulful Self that is always, tirelessly wending their way into your physical reality.⁣ Tea reminds us that life is for us to live with ease and grace.⁣ Tea reminds us that our true nature is at one with Love. ⁣ That at the very core, we are at one with these wild and ancient trees. ⁣ I invite you to sit and do nothing today with Tea. ⁣📿 In silence and gratitude, press your hands together, placing them against your heart in prayer position, making contact through your thumbs on your breastbone.⁣ What a wonderful feeling to be alive. ⁣🕊 .·.

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