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The Process Of Exorcism Before Embodiment

I cried and sobbed.⁣

I cried as my heart ached.⁣

This exorcism of a deep wound needed to happen.⁣

This expansion that is happening inside of me needed to be met swiftly with a complete severance.⁣

I cried in shame before my husband.⁣

I spoke words through deluge of tears that had never before been able to come out of me.⁣

Words I call my most fearsome demons.⁣

As I drew my breath in and out, sobbing into my husband's chest, I could feel the ghost who possessed me leave my body.⁣

As I break completely I allow myself to break completely. ⁣

For so long, I have been holding this up on my own, thinking I could handle it.⁣

I let myself say the worst kinds of words my protective personality could ever say: ⁣

"You are a failure. You are not worthy. You are so weak."⁣

It still pains me now to write this.⁣

The truth was there was no one that was holding me to such perfectionist standards but me.⁣

I was standing with my tough upper lip, but all I really needed to do was to reach into my vulnerability and reach out.⁣

To accept that I can't do it all.⁣

That I can't be everything to everyone.⁣

That to become whole, is to also own all the sh*t that is a part of me.⁣

I am now writing and integrating the lesson deep into my psychosomatic with practices I use for others.⁣

Using this moment now to shift the karmic wounds out of my energetic bodies I can build the circuits that are needed to anchor in my expansion.⁣

To hold the space for my highest spiritual body to manifest with higher potency through my physical body.⁣

Deep sigh. Deep bow. Deep gratitude.⁣

I have released that ghost into the deep mineral vortex, back to the Goddess of the Underworld, Xi Wang Mu.⁣

A crystalline body is emerging, slowly pushing through the soil.⁣

I embody my rebirth with patience and grace and ease.⁣

And when we are in touch with the Soulful Self, connected with our cosmic internal knowing, we can expand in life organically, knowing deeply that everything unfolds for us - everything is available for us. 🌟⁣

📿 To heal your relationship with your body, get in touch for your free session with me. ⁣


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