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The Power Of Now

Spirit said to me today:⁣

🤍 Life is a marathon. 🤍⁣

We are all racing to get somewhere ⁣

But where is this somewhere?⁣

Seems rather silly now, knowing what we know now I'd rather be smelling the flowers and relishing every bloom.⁣

It is like an artist debuting with lots of fanfare⁣

With adulation flung at her at high speed⁣

Meeting the Queen, the Goddess Ra, who sits serenely watching⁣

Knowing something she would not say.⁣

That the youngling will see

As a new understanding dawns much, much later⁣.

After some cuts and wounds ⁣

After some tears and broken hearts.⁣

When it gets hard it is so easy to give up.⁣

But the difference now is that I have an undercurrent of calm joy and loving awareness that is in constant flow.⁣

At times it bursts into fireworks in the sky;⁣

And at other times it sits back and expands in quietude. ⁣

Zen is about living a life of abundance. ⁣

But a life of abundance and abstinence without spiritual connection is almost as empty as a void.⁣

Be. Turn inward. ⁣

You do this by staying still and serene in the present moment.⁣

You do this by trusting. Melting away your Self. Really become simply a flare of awareness,⁣

No judgement, no name, no identity.⁣

Close your eyes and open them again to see with renewed clarity.⁣

Look. Imbibe. Pay attention. I don't think we can truly look at something entirely enough.⁣

Every turn of the moment of no separation and time⁣

The Spirit of Tea will always walk with you as you move with the freedom of a Buddha (The Awakened One);⁣

This Buddha is not in the distant future;⁣

This knowing is within you for you to call in right now.⁣

Let go of the thinker and let the all-knowing Buddha step in.⁣

Free yourself ⁣

Free to be at one with your spirit and soul,

Free to embody your true nature

Beyond name and identity.




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