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The Entire Universe In A Bowl

There is a circle of women sitting in the Grove of tall trees.⁣

All is silent and still, except for the dancing branches and leaves, shuffling in the rhythm of the musical breeze.⁣

They close their eyes, coming to full presence in the pure energy that that has them enraptured.⁣

They close their eyes to inhale the presence of safety. It is safe for them to hold the highest vision for themselves, their lives, their hearts, their bodies and their souls.⁣

They close their eyes to imbibe the skin-on-skin proximity they now sit from their fullest potential. ⁣

They walk through fire holding each other's hands.⁣

They stand with a centre of stillness, emanating joy and calm in the face of time, prepared to take the leap into the deepest crevices and the darkest womb to rediscover their innate wisdom.⁣

They command their bodies into their fullest glory.⁣

Their divine presence commands all emotions to bow in service of these women's soul.⁣

As each woman wields her strength rooted in love and compassion, they soothe the mind and invite spirit in to imbue feelings and emotions with graceful ease.⁣

As spirit moves these emotions into the heart, the great furnace of love alchemises lead into gold - turning adversity to opportunities, trauma into these women's greatest gifts.⁣

It is only in this place that healing becomes a side effect of a life-changing alchemical transformation. ⁣

This is where they are reborn.⁣

Anew and alive. ⁣

You are here to meet your divine Soulful Self. ✨⁣

Welcome to the Bridge between Heaven and Earth. ☯️⁣


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