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The Body Of Tea

☯️ B O D Y ☯️⁣

Today I sat down and was contemplating the subject of the physical body, and it got me spiralling into thoughts about the way we describe the "body" of Tea. ⁣

When I first came to Tea, I was already a tea lover. Herbal infusions and flavoured tea, Japanese tea, the galore. But when I began to receive the presence of Tea in ceremonies held by my Tea sisters as an understudy, I remember being very gripped in the moment by the taste and temperature. Everything happened in my mouth, shooting into my mind and heart. ⁣

Nowadays, I tend to allow flavour to bring me back to the present moment in rare occasions when I know, holding space, I need to keep score of the time. Tea now courses through my being and enters me in ways I do not feel forced at all. I feel Her presence in my heart and sacred space, I feel the ceremony bringing Her alive and the Dao begins to lead me by the hand to a place where I can meet with my Highest Self. I dive deep into the Inner Earth, and allow my chakras to align, to come into harmony with the Universe through the synergetic guidance of Cha Dao.⁣

When you come to walk the Way, life becomes more multidimensional and multi-sensorial. You find that you become more intuitive, and through life's vicissitudes, you become steadier and more present.⁣


Monday and Thursday morning Tea Ceremonies are now held in the virtual space weekly. Link in my bio to register. Endless gratitude for all your love and support. I can't wait to share Tea with you all. 💫🕊🍃🙏🏻

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