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The Beholding

· The Beholding ·⁣

We need to be witnessed.⁣

In order to feel alive, the soul needs to be held, to be witnessed. ⁣

Your body is a living breathing statement of your soul. ⁣

We are told how to eat, dress, make love, be, look, disconnecting us entirely from our inner guiding compass. We no longer hear how we feel and go by the guidance our inner light has always provided us. ⁣

In effect, our body becomes disenchanted; our spirit disembodied. ⁣

The truth that is left behind by time and modernisation is - Intuition is like breathing. ⁣

When we allow ourselves to walk into emptiness and sit in this space, we can turn inward to ask: what story does my body hold? What story is my mind telling me now? What can I hear outside of me and inside of me?⁣


I am still full from today's Your Body Is The Home For Your Spirit Sacred Circle. My heart is softened by the open-hearted sharing of the beings who dared to show up and soften to their own recovery journeys. Gently I also felt something turn in me. ⁣

It is the ever important mission to make this discussion open, to keep opening up a space where beings who are going through a rough time with body acceptance to see there is an existence beyond that which they can see now. That they need not stay trapped.⁣

Today we drank Tea in silence. Celebrating connection. Soaking in the poetry of love. Softening into awareness, gently melting into the comforting strength in silence. ⁣

We gave ourselves permission to be in our bodies and journey inward to our hearts. For high-functioners and perfectionists, silence and space can feel daunting. Know that the vessel I shepherd within me is here to carry you gently downstream, slowly back into your heart centre. ⁣

"Think of the soul as source⁣

And created things as springs.⁣

While the source exists,⁣

The springs continually flow."⁣

~ Rumi⁣

Anybody who wants to do the deep work ⁣

1-1 with me, March and April start date intake is up right now.⁣

I am unconventional, but I am always here for you with love and compassion in a space to explore and be open with each other. We will be going on an epic journey. Book in for a complimentary Share and Heal Session worth £300 now. Link in bio. 🤍⁣

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