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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

〰️ Mary Oliver⁣

Most sufferings on earth is a result of attachment. Attachment to control, to the status quo of which we think is constant.⁣

I hear you⁣

There is a call for you to shift, to change, to live⁣

And yet you don't know how.⁣

The last thing imaginable as a resolution is to sit in stillness.⁣

To have Tea served to you -⁣

And over a screen too that I can't even physically touch and taste!⁣

Insanity, your logical mind thinks.⁣

My question to you is⁣

If you have no time for this...⁣

Then do you have time for withdrawal, for self-abandonment and sabotage, for blocking your own flow of serenity and abundance?⁣

Sounds silly doesn't it?⁣

In this state of surrender ⁣

You are letting go of your ego talk⁣

Surrendering to a higher consciousness ⁣

To inspiration to flow through. ⁣

But Tea Spirit always finds us⁣

In divine timing She always does.⁣

When you open up to just receiving Tea⁣

From one hand to yours⁣

Bowl by bowl⁣

You feel the subtle energies coursing through you.⁣

The change comes⁣

As inevitably as the sunrise and sunset.⁣

What you are feeling is the Dao⁣

Flowing through you as you begin to step out of your own way⁣

What you are feeling is the Universal force ⁣

What you are hearing is your soul's whispers.⁣

Our body is not separate from our souls.⁣

The collective energy of the Universe · the Dao · is not separate from us. ⁣

Tea brings us back home to Earth ⁣

Tea connects us with our bodies and hearts⁣

Spirit and soul becoming One.⁣

In the Dao we give ourselves to the One. ⁣

You see how change begins?⁣

It begins with giving yourself the gift of presence, stillness, and purity.⁣

Receive this gift wholeheartedly and watch this power of now reverberate through your life.⁣

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