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Tea Ceremony Meditation As A Mindful Practice

Even if you are no modern mystic, the fact that Tea has always had a place in diplomatic meetings between world leaders, and a beverage best loved for Her association with calm and relaxation time slots in the days of many cultures, should be enough to convince you of the intrinsically mysterious ways She weaves her magic in our world - though in these ways She would have had to leave behind the essence of the mountain top and cloud-caressing grace to take on the steeliness of the cityscape in which we all dwell to come to us, her magic diminished by commodisation, we can still feel her pull through all the noise. Imagine sitting with her in reverence, in silence, letting her innate quietude move through you, allowing her subtle nuances to take you on the flow of the Universe - the Way of Tea, or, Cha Dao. In a world where we are constantly in search for the next best thing, I am truly grateful for Tea, for honouring her in ceremony, She has completely changed the way I live. The Way of Tea, the Dao, is ever constant. When life is a ceremony, everything is divine. ⁣

Guidance is always available to you. The question is, are you open to receiving? ⁣


·.· We shall welcome June's eclipse season with a Tea Ceremony this Friday, June 5, 1pm BST (IG, FB Live & Zoom option available upon rsvp) with blessings from the strawberry full moon in Sagittarius as well as a lunar eclipse shining into our bowls of Tea.⁣

.·. Zoom-only Tea sits .·. ⁣

➰ Sunday Six returns on June 7, at 1pm BST with the theme Zen & Tea, One Flavour. As always, expect a slower, gentle pace befitting of a #sundayvibe and poetry to close the circle. ⁣

➰ Start off the week with inner stillness and presence of mind and heart with a 7.30am BST sit every Monday from June 8 onwards. In this space, you will learn how to start a simple practice with just some leaves and hot water, and how sitting in ceremony and drinking Tea with reverence can transport the mundane to the magical. This is Cha Dao, The Way of Tea. ⁣

🕊🌿 ⁣

I look forward to receiving your presence. Everybody is welcomed. No prior Tea ceremony experience is required. Simply come as you are, open hearts, open minds.

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