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Taming The Ego Through Tea Ceremony Meditation

I am learning, Student of the Leaf, learning to emulate the breath of the cosmos in the breath of the ceremonies in which I serve. 🌌 These past two ceremonies I have found myself judging myself for the way I was creating my stage. From the music to the taste of the Tea, my ego had slipped in and whispered to my vulnerability and had definitely hit a spot or two. Have you ever felt like that, my dear chajin? Hardly The Way of Tea, but there I was, utterly blaming myself for ruining this one chance, one encounter with Tea and my guests. 🌿 Today I spent the afternoon drinking tea that I served yesterday. I asked Spirit to show me a message and there it was, plain as day, micromanaging my universe and clinging onto the past through blame and nonsensical reasons of perfecting what has already come to pass. 🍃 My evening tea ceremony was dedicated to the most beautiful GuanShi Yin, Kannon, Goddess of Compassion, with chrysanthemums that bring so much simple lightness to my #chaxi and Blossom tea to delight the palate, what could go wrong? – and then a track in my playlist completely threw me off my meditative focus. I stumbled in my steps but quickly saved it with a bow and some words, excusing myself, and then I excused myself again to serve again. That was probably another lesson in real life to apply to my life at large – to admit to my past faults and then by doing so, reprogramme my thoughts from dark to light and then move on, allowing the universe to take the time she needs to show me her miracles. Truth and compassion and forgiveness to let live, and then grace takes us to the Way. That is how we live the Dao. 💫🕊 Have you ever felt this way or am I the only one?

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