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Still waiting for some clarity to say YES to joining my virtual Tea Temple Retreat, SHUNYATA?

Still waiting for some clarity to say YES to joining my virtual Tea Temple Retreat, SHUNYATA? ⁣


I get it. ⁣

It all seems too inconvenient. ⁣

It sounds too good to be true - it's just Tea isn't it?⁣

It feels too expensive for you to commit right now.⁣

And all of the above-mentioned are also why it is still so important that you do, anyway.⁣

Because I have absolutely been there too myself. ⁣

I have been feeling lost.⁣

I looked deep within.⁣

I resisted. I fought.⁣

I listened. I waited.⁣

And then I saw it.⁣

The one thing that formed the constellation of all that is my soul purpose.⁣

All my life, I have been struggling with the self-sabotaging ways of perfectionism.⁣

My eating disorder, which stayed with me for 10 years of my life, came from a desperate need to perpetually be in the driver's seat so that I was striving in a never-enough mentality that I blindingly thought was a means for "improvement".⁣

In this space and in service, I find myself still very much about perfecting my work and my spirit and my identity. Recently, I noticed this fear within me that speaks to me in ways like, "Don't you dare crumble. Don't you put that worry wart face on because you are holding space."⁣

Paralysed by this great fear of failure I found myself kneeling on the floor, completely broken down.⁣

I knew I was on the brink of a major uplevel.⁣

And through that time of immense meltdown, I had so many beautiful beings who reached out to reaffirm to me my abilities and my worthiness.⁣

But here is the thing. The Perfectionist Ego likes to keep you in the cracks where you cannot hear any exaltation or adulation. ⁣

Out of this dark space, I found myself. I found myself by borrowing the beliefs from a community of heart-centred intuitive beings who were there for me whenever I need support. ⁣

And this is why it is so important that you commit, anyway. ⁣

Yes it feels scary. It feels uncomfortable. But that is a sign of brilliance. It is a sign that you are on the precipice of something greater. It is a sign that you are ready to uplevel and that means stepping way out of your own comfort zone.⁣

I am not going to sit here and say that this retreat will teach you how to manifest £10 million. I'm not even going to answer your question of what result can I get from this.  ⁣

The question is, how committed are you to living a life filled with purpose, to letting go your shield called perfectionism and get started in building your full trust in a higher guidance that is within us?⁣

I want you to know that I get it. Hesitation right before a huge leap of faith is 100% normal. The question is - are you willing to open up your heart right now to the limitless possibilities a life of Cha Dao can bring? ⁣

I want to help you break the cycle of resistance and restriction that arises from perfectionism and stop your self-sabotage in its tracks. I want to empower you with the practices that allow you to love life live in the knowing that the Universe always has your back. Stop dieting and start living. Stop judging yourself and start living. Stop holding onto the past and start living. Stop obsessing and start living. Stop burning out and rushing from one point to another endlessly and START LIVING.⁣

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