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Starseed Remembrance: Tea Ceremony Meditation In Mintakan Light

I am the unconscious mind.

I am joy.

I am sadness.

I am love.

I am a broken heart.

I am a heart.

I am breaking the pattern.

I am breaking apart.

I am breaking open.

I am who I say I am - and yet -

No, not really

I am who I am not saying I am.

For fate is when you realise you are living unconsciously

For you believe you have to minimalise your feelings,


And if you ever were told that you have to lower your expectations

So to avoid disappointment

Then I am sorry because I was you.

I have been there

And I see you.

But do you know

How the world can shine in your eyes

If you dare to open your eyelids

Flick those glittering irises up to see the skies

Feel the winds caress your cheek.

We are all spiritual beings who have chosen to come to Earth

Whether you remember this soul of yours

Doesn't matter.

We all have free will

To forget

To re-


So will you float through the liminal

Sublimating your self

Or will you -

Walk through the precious forests with the light you brought from the stars of the galaxy

And breathe -

Breathe love

Breathe selflessness

Breathe peace

Breathe consciousness

Breathe -


🧡🌿🤍 ※

My precious beings, how are you? What are you grateful for today? 🙏

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