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Starseed Activation With Crystals Tea Ceremony This Sunday

Crystalline and sacred, I have always found the use of crystals to sanctify my ceremonial Tea stage ※ Chaxi ※ transcendental. ⁣

For this Sunday's Starseed Activation With Crystals Virtual Tea Ceremony, I will be holding space for whatever arises. The stargates are wide open, and we are walking through the threshold to a brand new portal in space, where time no longer exists, where the soul is called to do the work it knows it needs to do. We will be sitting with Tea and deepening our meditation with crystals, so come with a crystal or crystals (why not!) that truly connects you to the astral plains, particularly through the crown and third eye chakras.⁣

Link in my bio to join in this Sunday at 1pm. I am so excited to share Tea with you in the cosmos. 🌌

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