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Spiritual Connection · T E L E P A T H I C · S P A C E ·

· T E L E P A T H I C · S P A C E · "Tea is way out there in space. In Zen we say know who you are, be who you are." ▪ Wu De ▪ I love what my beloved tea sister May Nogoy has named it. Telepathic space - our energy, our vortex, may be invisible, but it is more discernable than anyone can ever imagine. It affects people in our field. It changes the atmosphere of a room. · We often see ourselves as an infinitesimal being in the whole of the universe, but this infinitesimal is made of stardust and we shine our own light in our own way. When we sit with discomfort - as I would do once in a while in meditation - we allow ourselves to sit with stillness, and in stillness we can find means to clarity and acceptance. With the Tea spirit I can accept the beauty in simplicity and come back to my heart space with no judgement, because Tea teaches us always. She humbles us and has filled my roots, drawing them deeper and deeper into the soil of my inner being. · To my tea brothers and sisters, have you ever sat with discomfort in your tea meditation? 🌿

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