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Solstice Blessings To All

I move in quiet places⁣ I flow down quiet streams ⁣ Ribbons of incense rise up to infuse the tears running down my cheeks⁣ Wrapping its mystical arms around my third eye ⁣ My throat is now⁣ Wreathed with tendrils of courage ⁣ I lean closer to the Divine.⁣ I forgive myself ⁣ I forgive myself for my stumbling and fumbling.⁣ Tea Spirit, help me move through this with grace and ease.⁣ The law of polarity, the presence of yin in yang and yang in yin...⁣⁣ ☯️ Presence takes root, one in the other.⁣ A powerful reminder that we live in a spiral. ⁣ That where there is light there is also the dark.⁣ And within the dark, light can arise from the alchemical underworld.⁣ Rise with the goddesses. ⁣ Rise with your spirit.⁣ Bow to the darkness.⁣

Set the trees alight.

Let the flames rise up through the tender bark,

To the branches and the leaves.

Let the fountain of light shower us with cosmic energy and flow. Worship the steps taken on this Earth to the heart of your sacred soul. ⁣ Litha Blessings to you. 💛☀️💛⁣ ·.·

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