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Sitting with Global Tea Hut's Wu De: Musings 1

🌕 S U R R E N D E R 🌕 Tonight, I was struck by Wu De's words of wisdom at the bowl tea ceremony in which he served some fantastic #puerh - Drinking tea in ceremony and noble silence is wilfully, intentionally and purposefully doing nothing; to surrender to the impulse to do, and simply, to be. It is in creating space that we find peace. We can't make peace, but we certainly can find it - through tea, leaves that have come from plants that we fed and have fed us, a universal connection formed inevitably through the cosmos, for it is and has always been within, in our physical bodies, in the present moment. · No pictures from the ceremony as I was being my most present self, but pictured here is some lovely fragrant Moonlight White on a #chabu made by my mum.


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