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SHUNYATA Launches Officially Today



Recovering perfectionists ⁣

Digital addicts⁣



Mystics ⁣




Tea literati⁣

Corporate transformers⁣

Quantum leapers⁣

And the simple answer is (and this includes my pledge):⁣

Everybody is welcome. ⁣

Circles and mandalas from the ancient times are brought to life in this space, where rituals and reverent silence remind us that we can take our time to heal when we surrender to the power of now, when we honour the Presence of the Divine.⁣

Would it be out of integrity with your promise to give yourself permission to love yourself fully if you didn't come on this retreat?⁣

As a healing vessel who holds space my mission is to get you unstuck, and these practices have given me the serene grace to remain in an observer's position where I can clearly see the potential projection of my guest, instead of buying into their current story. ⁣

This is what I love so much about holding space. ⁣

When we are so identified with our limitations, we become a shell of ourselves because our souls have simply vacated our bodies.⁣

But we do not judge. When this happens it is only because we are shrouded deep in the veil of forgetfulness.⁣

What makes a good tea?⁣

Getting out of the way and let Tea work her magic.⁣

And practise. Practise religiously. This sacrosanct daily devotion to practice lends inner wisdom to refining our subtle understanding.⁣

We navigate our awakening and realise the futility of egoic reactions by identifying the Ego through dropping down into Shen, Presence;⁣

Turning the ordinary into the sacred⁣

Bringing the sacred into the ordinary moment.⁣

Communing with Tea Spirit ⁣

Steeping in the understory of the ancient trees⁣

Poetry, meditation, noble silence⁣

Walk away with a peaceful, radiant energy that resides within you that you learn to take with you wherever you are.⁣


A 3~month virtual Tea Temple Retreat that takes place right in the sacred heart space you create within your home. Initiation begins upon registration. Link in bio to apply now. 🤍

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