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Root To Rise

In our desperate race to rise⁣ We have forgotten to root.⁣ Roots that run deep into the broiling centre of the earth ⁣ Where matter is metabolised into metal to nourish the soil. ⁣ Just as emotions do for us ⁣ Emotions, tales we tell and are told⁣ of the darkness in lightness⁣ And lightness in darkness.⁣ The darkness of these tales⁣ Penetrate my bones and sinews.⁣ In our bones are hidden away⁣ The forgotten brilliance of us⁣ The Sacred rituals embedded into us by heaven and earth⁣ The forgotten love that is us.⁣ ·.·⁣ Join The Sacred Way To Body Acceptance: A Space To Be Free Of Disordered Eating for beautiful root-to-rise rituals and a safe and non-judgemental communal support.

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