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Reintroducing Myself

Hello lovely one,⁣ I was compelled to write a little reintroduction as my work has and continues to expand and transmogrify on this very public platform.⁣ I am LiYing, your guide and initiator into the Sacred Way through nature-led practices and the supportive system of non-judgmental spaces.

My teachings are centred upon the heart, always revolving around love, poetry, presence and connection. I seek to honour the souls within each one of us with the lost art of sacred body-spirit connection.

To date, I have hosted over hundreds of Tea Ceremonies and teaching circles in the tradition of Cha Dao that give a non-judgmental and non-duality space for beings who seek to be in harmony with nature and heighten their spiritual sensitivity. ⁣ 🤍 I host the SHUNYATA retreat and run a private 1-1 membership. I have broken up the SHUNYATA retreat into mini 3-week versions to make this more accessible to those who wish to join for a shorter period of time or on a tight budget. You can register for the next one, which starts February 27. Truth is I am not sure how much more of these I will run, so sign up this round if it feels right! These are experimental and I continue to explore ways to deliver on on utmost integrity from my heart.

I also offer corporate services and private Tea Ceremonies for special occasions, one-off appointment and collaborative basis.⁣ 🤍 At other times I also work privately with beings with restrictive and disordered eating through a fluid, intuitive programme called A Space To Be Free to make way for full body acceptance and true embodiment of the present moment in both their spiritual and human existence. To learn more you can book in a free 1-hour Share and Heal Session with me to see if we are a good fit.

What else would you like to see in this space? Let me know 🕊🌿


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