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Questions For You To Check In With Yourself

Will you join me today to ask your body:⁣

Wise One,⁣

What would you like me to know today?⁣

Why are you feeling this way today?⁣

Will you join me in checking in:⁣

Are you moving from your spirit or is your mind sending signals so you act only to prove your worth?⁣

🕊🤍🥀 ⁣

To learn more you can grab a free resource and join the private facebook group The Sacred Way To Body Acceptance: A Space To Be Free Of Disordered Eating , or simply experience the Sacred Circle - the next one is on February 28. ⁣

If it all feels aligned you can even book in a free 1-hour Share and Heal Session with me to see if we are a good fit. ⁣

Links in bio. 🪶⁣

🫂 Seeing you. Holding you. Loving you. Wherever you are on this journey, it is never too late to fully embody your sovereign self. 🌟⁣

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