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Poetry and Visualisation: Meditating on The Light and Wisdom of Tea

Light, a shapeshifter.

Shadow, a tattoo, only present in the light.

Love, liquid love, fluid and ever transformative.

Bowl, a reliquary of hopes.

Steam, a veil through which I see, slow dancing thoughts and gossamer visions and dreams.

Tea, a generous heart that beats to the music of giving and receiving in silence, in reverence, in appreciation for mother nature and zen wisdom.


I saw with such clarity a life in a new city today when I sat with Evening Sky for a morning meditation, and I felt so vividly the love and my love's being that it was only natural to be there already, in this parallel universe that we live in. How wonderful then it is to realise that the moon is actually in Libra today - my love's sun sign - nothing is coincidental. Everything is energy. Spirit guides always speak to us, and I am so grateful for tea for allowing me that moment to revel in silence to listen. Listen. 🌿🌟

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