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Perfectly Imperfect Wholeness

What does it mean to be perfectly imperfect?⁣

It is to know that each one of us has a unique place in the Universe. ⁣

You are uniquely you.⁣

Probably a saying you've heard so many times and yet feel the need to be reminded, validated, knocked into your head.⁣


A time-honoured ritual for a time-forgotten expression.⁣

I have created more than my mind could ever conceive in the fluid space of the Unmanifest Dao.⁣

Be an open channel for your creative expression.⁣

Create without the need to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be lauded.⁣

Hold space without the need to be put on a pedestal.⁣

A mentor once said to me, we are an incarnation of the divine when we hold space. ⁣

And to be divinely led is to be in harmony with Nature's Way. ⁣

Unseen but absolutely there. ⁣


For three weeks, we will be exploring the manifold ways that Tea can coax out the inner artist in you, and how to use what is in harmony with nature to bring together a ceremony with Tea. ⁣⁣

🕊 Who are you? Who are you *in* your body?⁣⁣

From No-thingness, we create. ⁣🪶⁣

And Tea will guide us through the portals of awakening. ⁣⁣


The Chaxi of Spring: The Dewy Path In A Bowl 3-week Retreat begins February 27. Registration closes February 21 to ensure at our best capacity that we deliver the gift boxes in time.⁣

〰️ 3 weekly live Zen Retreats on Saturday, 4pm

〰️ 21 days of guidances for your lifetime studies

〰️ a beautifully wrapped gift that comes with ceremonial-grade, intuitively hand-picked living Tea leaves from ancient trees that have roots that go deep into inner earth and flourished with the untainted waters of the Himalayas - Dragon Veins that pour forth from the heaven, fusing the intelligence of the Universe with the wisdom of mother earth for aligning our chakras, or in TCM, shen, qi and jing.

〰️ Honouring this mandala of love that we will be creating together, you will also receive a gift box that includes living, clean Tea steeped in ancient wisdom and incense + incense bowl, handmade by @umeincense. ⁣

Register now via link in comment section.⁣

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